Selling Your Car Privately


A lot of people when changing their car for a newer one will part exchange their old one at the dealer. In order to get the best possible deal though by not having a part exchange you will need to sell your car privately, heres some hints and tips you should keep in mind.

Make Sure It’s running well

Quite an obvious one here but you would be surprised how many people will advertise a car with something small like a rattling exhaust or noisy wheel baring that could be fixed for next to nothing, only to leave it, have potential buyers turn up to view and be put off.

Take your time to drive the car and note anything that might put you off if you were buying it and get the issues fixed. It could save you a lot of hassle and time in the long run.

Spend some time having the vehicle professionally valeted.

You would be surprised the difference a professional valet can make. Sure you could clean the car yourself but with so many drivethrough car washer places now that charge around £10 for an inside and out clean and around £40 for a fully valet including polish why waste your own time. Not only this the guys cleaing will have all the professional products for restoring your paintwork and making putting a new lease of life into your car.

A nice clean car works wonders when people come to view it.

Know the Value

One of the biggest concerns when selling a car privately is knowing how to value it but in this day and age it couldn’t really be much simpler. 1. You could have a look on classified sites such as, find a similar car (not forgetting age, mileage and condition) and see what similar cars are selling for. 2. Use a buy my car website to get offers from different motor dealers. Once you have a handful of offers simply add on around £500 to the average price you get offered and this should be about right if you are selling to a private buyer.
Provide Evidence of the Vehicle’s Service History

If you have kept a record of all the service history for your car and MOT’s this can make a huge difference to a buyer. Imagine looking at an identical vehicle with no proof of previous service work or mot’s? Which one would you go for if you had the choice?

Maybe invest into a HPI or similar check

Car checks are now available online and a decent one shouldnt cost any more than £10. This will show your potential buyers that the car is free from any outstanding finance, hasnt been written off and isnt stolen. Again another thing that will boost the desirability of your car.

Take lots of photos
Most car selling websites allow you to upload lots of images so make sure you use as many as possible.

Park the car in a nice area without and distractions of other cars around and take pictures from all angles outside, the interior, any additional specification like satnav and maybe even under the bonet.

People love photos and if yours has 12 and the one below on the search results only has 1, youre much more likely to get an enquiry.

These are just a few hints and tips that you might want to use when selling your car privately. Making sure you market your car in the best possible way is going to make it much more easier to find a buyer and sell it.

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